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We are a company created with the objective of giving attention to the needs of industry land / rail transport for the handling of goodsand national and international marine industry, with high reliabilitydemonstrated by staying with our clients and providing servicesprofessional inspection, certification and adjustment in relation to goods, general and containerized cargo.

We provide monitoring, verification, measurement and quantification of fuels, petrochemicals, minerals and multimodal. Likewise, we execute maintenance plans, where all the teams that make the critical route of the operation process are covered, compliance with all industry safety standards and environmental hygiene applicable to sustainable goals for reduction of failures or unforeseen mishaps.

In the circuits of transport of bulk products and high volume, our company offers logistics services, making a study of the current conditions of your needs for the implementation of controls reducing dead times, transportation and waste, thus controlling factors transportation risks at the points of origin and destination.

STIMSA proudly confirms that our participation in the companies we serve, have greatly lowered their claims for missing product and reducing nonperforming loan. Our outsourcing services are guaranteed by the benefits to the profitability of the same, simplifying processes and providing attractive alternatives to our customers.

About Us

We count with 25 years of experience in the maritime industry, in the control and logistics management related to ships and cargo, draft and bunker survey.

We are consultans for Exporters and importesr on areas such as the handling and care of their property; we have the ability to attend and provide coverage anywher inside the Mexican Republic; furthermore, our representatives abroad allow us to be a company of international scope.

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